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Tips for Designing a Joomla
Web Site


Tips for Designing a Joomla Web Site

Whether you are building a template from scratch or modifying an existing one, it can be difficult to get a website exactly like you want. Both first time designers and people with more experience should consider these tips for designing a Joomla web site.

Before you start designing your Joomla site, take some time to decide what you need and what you want for your webpage. You might want to sketch out a few ideas on a sheet of paper first to give you a visual reference of what you are trying to create. Do you want a two-column or a three-column layout? What colors do you plan on using? Are there any special features that you want to implement?

Your next step should be to look through available templates. These can be free templates, paid ones, or a combination of both. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. One is to get ideas that you can use for designing the Joomla web site. You may see something that you like that you can incorporate in your own design.

The other reason you should look at available Joomla templates is that you might want to use one for the basis of your design. Read the license to make sure that creating a derivative work is OK before you get started.

Another tip for Joomla web design is to use a template builder that will allow you to create a design without needing to know CSS. With these, you don't need to start for scratch. There are a few programs on the market that will do this. Using these programs can save you time and effort.

Designing a Joomla web site doesn't need to be difficult. Decide what you want your website to look like, what features you need, and then use available resources to create it.